Sunday, February 20, 2011

Creative and Thrifty Wall Decor

I finally think I'm done decorating Tyler's environment! I'm feeling pretty settled and somewhat "finished" in how I want things to look and feel around the house right now. The homemade art cards have been great and he seems to really enjoy a few of Van Gogh's paintings, as well as some others I have around the house.

As for new decor, my search for art calendars on Amazon led me to a 2010 Amnesty International Calendar for $4 with beautiful multicultural photos! I laminated many of them and they've have been a wonderful addition to Tyler's multicultural displays in his large motor room. Plus, the purchase went to a wonderful and very Montessori cause!

I also (finally) took on a huge task of laminating all of the cultural photos that I took from National Geographic so that when Ty inevitably pulls them off of the walls, it doesn't matter. This is our India display. 

Ever have multiple copies of one book and wondered what to do with it? Tyler had two copies of "The Very Hungry Caterpillar", one of his absolute favorites in illustration as well as story, so I used some of the pages from his extra book as wall decorations next to the book area in his quiet room. Some people would object to the idea of ruining a book, but I love how it looks and Tyler was pretty shocked to see the Hungry Caterpillar on his wall! Unfortunately, the last page is glued to the back of the book so the wonderful conclusion of the caterpillar turning into the butterfly couldn't be used. Still cute though I think and the fruits page is great to show numbers/quantity and to casually practice counting.

So we'll see how long my satisfaction lasts...I'm already thinking that a huge poster of  "Starry Night" may look great in the quiet room...  :)

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