Friday, February 25, 2011

Marble and Pill Box Work

This is a slightly different object transferring activity that is also great for opening and closing practice. Fine motor skills get a great work-out here!

Using two pill boxes, I put a marble in each slot of one of the boxes and left the other one empty. I first demonstrated how to open the boxes.

I then showed Tyler the work, transferring the marbles from the full pill box to the empty pill box.

Tyler adores marbles, so this was instantly an enticing activity!

The first time we did the activity, he found it interesting that when the full pill box was shaken there was a noise, but when the empty box was shaken, he heard nothing. Great science!

He repeated his experiment the second time as well. He loves to shake things to see if they will produce a noise, so this was a natural thing for him to do that I didn't even think about!

This is a work that we've returned to several times. Due to the small objects, I can't keep this one on the shelf, but it's there for choosing when it's time for rug work! You could certainly get creative and use other objects with the pill box that your little one enjoys as well. Have fun working those important little muscles!

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