Sunday, February 27, 2011

Rainy Day Solution: Obstacle Course

An extra-long nap plus a rainy day often do not equal an active toddler going to bed at a reasonable hour! We are lucky enough to have a large motor room with a climber and other energy-expending toys, but I wanted to make the activity a bit more "fresh" so he would be likely to really get his energy out today. The solution? An indoor obstacle course!

Our course:
 Crawl through the tunnel (with a comforter underneath to make it easy on our knees), climb over the ottoman onto the cushions, walk across to the cusions, climb over the chairs, run behind the couch and start again!

I think he likes it!

Over the ottoman with intensity!

Conquered the chairs

Up and over an obstacle behind the couch.

I created an obstacle course once in the fall, just a simple route of getting over couch cushions and walking behind the couch. As he gets older I'll likely include more of the house and more provide more activities to get through like riding his gym scooter through the kitchen, his Scoot-About bike down the hallway, throwing balls in a basket, stepping inside a hoop and pulling it up and over his head, jumping over an object, walking a balance beam, rolling under a jump rope etc.

Push the furniture against the wall, turn on some upbeat music and enjoy your next rainy day!

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