Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Looking at Light and Dark

Every morning for several months last fall, Tyler would wake up, climb over me and grab the flashlight next to the bed. He would then give me the sign he used for music, wanting me to do "Little Bunny Foo Foo" on the wall at least ten times before we even thought about breakfast. It was an interesting wake-up call! When the flashlight batteries died, I wasn't eager to replace them, so the flashlight "disappeared" and was forgotten by both us of. A few months ago I placed a small flashlight that he could turn on himself in his treasure basket, but he was more interested in other treasures (likely my fault for not showing him how to use it again). When he brought it to over the weekend me with a curious expression, we naturally began our explorations. 

We started off in the kitchen, which was very well lit at the time. We noticed how it was hard to see the light when shone upon objects. We then moved to the more dim hallway.

Then on to a room where the windows were still blacked-out from nap.

Here he found his baby and decided to feed it (a look into his future quite likely!). My flash actually went here, so I tried to re-create the lighting in Photoshop.

He then gave me the flashlight and grabbed a book. Asking with sign language to please read.

So we did! Tyler was kind enough to hold the flashlight for us.

A sweet moment.

Tyler has since made many trips around the house with his flashlight, with and without me with me. When exploring together, we do things like play with shadows, shine the light on different objects and name/them, notice the differences when a room is bright or dark, and we turn the light on and off for cause and effect. Seeing that our area of the country is likely to see a lot of bad and stormy weather the spring, getting Tyler used to walking around dark spaces with a flashlight now may be a good idea!

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