Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Made With Love by Mom. Homeade Toys Part 2.

Montessori Materials (which I of course love and admire) are often wooden and beautiful. If you're looking for that in this post you may want to leave now! If you're interested in making fun, easy toys to entertain your toddler, no power tools or handful of cash needed, this is the right post for you! This being said, I did just buy several official Montessori materials for Tyler online today...his first. Swoon!

This is an activity that I dreamed up for Tyler to push pencils through. I used an oatmeal container and covered it with paper to make it a touch more aesthetic. I then cut slits in the lid as well as a large piece from the side for retrieving the pencils. That simple!
Finding the slot and pushing the pencil through

When he gets to the end, he has to really push it through all of the way with his fingertip to get it to drop. He does this activity over and over several times a day.

The least pretty of them all! A simple shoebox with a hole cut out of the side and a small ball. The object is to tilt the box the right way to get the ball to fall out. I cut the hole too large, allowing Ty to reach his hand in to retrieve the ball, so I did have to tape the top closed a bit.

Hmmm...I see the ball...

Tilt this way...and that way...

Out! This was actually a bit more challenging than I thought.

Simple shape sorter with a triangle, exactly as I did with the square long ago. I did attempt to make this with wood a while ago and it didn't go so well. My workplace for woodworking didn't allow me much success. Though not as lovely as a Montessori single shape sorter, I let it go and decided that this will work fine.

Hopefully he won't want to strangle me for posting a photo of him in his diaper in a few years...  :)

I hope someone finds this helpful. Ty is truly loving these simple new toys! You can find my first post on homeade toddler toys here.

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