Friday, April 22, 2011

Matching Nomenclature Cards to Real Objects

Tyler truly loves the fruit and vegetable Nomenclature cards I made for him a couple months back, using them several times a day. Last month, while I was making homemade applesauce, Tyler was desperate to get his hands on an apple, and when I gave him one, he ran to his cards to match it to his apple cards. This naturally led, a couple weeks later, to buying several items from his cards to use to create a work.

After a simple demonstration, Tyler got to work. Ty has graduated to four cards to match in his Nomenclature work basket, so here I also used four single cards with the matching produce.

Since he was about six months old, Tyler has shown a strong desire to make connections between what he sees in books or pictures to objects in real life. I would like to work harder to provide activities for him that expand upon his strengths and to, as is the Montessori way, follow his lead. If you have seen or done activities that he may enjoy, I would love for you to share with me please!


  1. Oh he is so cute! Love the idea!

    I noticed you have her in your blog list (Chasing Cheerios) but I seem to remember she did something with Brown Bear Brown Bear book and some cards to match.

    Her I Spy bottles with some cards would also probably be right up your son`s alley!

  2. Wow, you know me (and Tyler) well, Lulu! I have both of these activities bookmarked and hope to get to them soon, especially the Brown Bear book (though we have the Polar Bear book instead). I've been saving spice jar bottles for weeks for the I Spy bottles! Love the Chasing Cheerios blog. Thank you for responding! :)

  3. I gave J-o some plastic animals to match to animal cards I made for him seen in this post
    Our sons are about a month or so apart. I'll be checking back here for ideas.

  4. Love your blog! Now following "The adventures of bear!"