Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Toddler Art: Our Latest Endeavors

Oops! Took a little break, but I'm back and with many blogs from the past several weeks still on-deck. I certainly have a lot of happy Blogger time ahead of me!

Ty really enjoys art activities, so here's a big, fun post on some of the ways we've found to be creative. Please feel free to share or link to your own toddler art projects in the comments!

Paint rollers and poster board from Dollar General made for a really fun painting activity!
I don't like to "judge" Tyler's artwork, but I do really enjoy how colorful this turned out. It reminds me of cotton candy at a carnival!

I've been saving address labels sent to me every month from March of Dimes and St. Judes (with requests for additional donations) for about a year in anticipation of Tyler using stickers. It isn't as much about what's on the sticker at this age, but the act of sticking...and these were free!

We used simple garage sale stickers for this sticking activity. I drew different faces on the stickers with a black sharpie to make it more fun. He really enjoyed these! We talked about different emotions and of course colors with these. He even started to discover that bending the sticker sheet would help release the sticker which I didn't expect.

After I hung his sticker art up, he kept wanting to take the stickers off and put them back on, so I started to just leave some stickers on his table for him to use when he pleased.

We did our first stamping activity which Tyler found intriguing! We used a football, star and tiger stamp which he really liked, as well as washable, non-toxic stamping pads made just for for kids.

Painting on the driveway with a cup of water and a paintbrush from the dollar store has been a favorite activity on warm days!

We tried out the new sidewalk crayons by Crayola and found that they produce a really rich, bright color. I also read a bit too late that they may stain clothing. We'll be saving these for hot days when we're doing water play in just a diaper from now on!

Not much new here, but Tyler has been really into chalking outside lately. He even proved to me one afternoon that the "T"'s he's been making on paper aren't just a fluke...he's actually drawing the letter "T"! Hard to see them in the below photo as he covered many up with other lines later but I find it pretty neat!

Here we attempted to paint with feet. Tyler didn't really get the concept of staying on the paper yet, so we'll try again in a few months. It was fun regardless of the result!

Simple painting with a brush...and Tyler deciding his hair needed a little color as well. He gets paintbrush and hairbrush confused a lot! I think he either must be telling me he wants to be a punk-rocker or that just wanted another bath. :)

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  1. Great minds think alike:) I'm a huge fan of using free return address labels for sticker play too -