Monday, June 20, 2011

Book to Card Matching

Since Ty was a baby (and a highly visual, book-lover) I knew I would do something similar to this activity when he grew older, but was never quite sure how I would go about it or what books I would use. Seeing a couple of my favorite bloggers making matching cards to go along with the book "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" (by Eric Carle) made it perfectly clear how I would go about it! Thank you!

We don't have "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" in our collection, but we do "Polar Bear, Polar Bear" so we used that book instead. I really enjoy Carle's art in his books and each animal stands out so wonderfully without a lot of distractions in the background. Truly perfect for the focus of this work.

I hesitate sharing how I made the cards, because I'm quite sure it's breaking some sort of copyright law, but I'm going to take a chance because I know the question will be asked. I first took photos of each page of the book. Then, using Photoshop, I merged two photos onto one 4x6 photo. [To do this, have only the two files you want to merge opened, go to File--Automate--Photomerge]. I printed, laminated and cut each card. I really love how they turned out enjoy the wallet-size of each. The cards are more vivid and beautiful than the actual book!

Tyler's task is to match the cards to the book. I wasn't sure if this would be too difficult as there are so many cards, but he has done really well and took to it quickly. He enjoys matching everything around him so this activity really builds upon his skills and interests.

Ty also decided to match his jumbo safari animals with the cards and book as well, which wasn't surprising. Often when we read a book and he knows we have a object in our home that is the same as one in the book, he'll run to grab it and bring it back to match. This activity fits him so well! 


  1. This is a great activity. Thank you for sharing ;-)

  2. Aww, it's great when you find an activity that really fits a child! You could also check out, because they have a lot of cards and things made by other parents - cuts down on the work for you. We've done (and are doing) the Before Five in a Row books ( and there are some great resources at Homeschool Share for those books.

  3. great idea! love it- and You are not trying to sell the cards or anything - they are just for personal use - so nobody will come knocking on your door!
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