Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Creativity Building with Random Objects

Last week Ty headed into the basement with me for a moment, and refused to come back up until I carried a large fan cover that he dug-up while down there. I had no idea why this was but it wasn't a big deal and I figured that he had something interesting in mind. Right away he was quite creative with this random object and seemed to figure out at least one new way to use it each day. It's been a week now and he's still playing with this!

First he found that he could spin it.

Then he found that he could sit in it, hold the sides, and jerk his body backwards or forwards to make it move across the room. Very fun!

I admit I had a hand in this one. I showed him how to throw a ball into the fan cover while it was spinning. My husband joked that I'm teaching him how to gamble.

He then decided to stand in the middle of it and balance, then to lean over and make it move while standing.

One day he put all of his safari animals inside and spun them around like they were on a merry go round (not that he has a clue what a merry go round it as they seem to all be extinct)!

I've really noticed Ty's creative side coming out lately which is so exciting to watch! Observing him with this fan cover makes me really think that it may be time to get him a Bilibo , an item that has been on his Amazon Wish List for quite some time, though I'm also trying to think of other interesting objects around the house that I could give him that may work in a similar manner.

What random items have you found your little one being creative with?

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