Saturday, June 18, 2011

Jars and Lids Activity

Sorry for the recent absence. It seems that when one big event hits, another one isn't far behind. I've pulled my chin up, dusted off the dirt and am back, changed, but a stronger person than ever. While neither the internet or blogging has really been on my mind until today, Ty and I have been up to a few things in the last couple weeks, so here's to starting to catch up!

For this activity I used four, different sized thick glass jars that I've been saving, as well as their lids. Ty's work is to figure out which lid belongs to each. He also practices screwing the lids on and off. This is a sensorial activity that allows him to focus on differences in size, as well as practical life work.

Ty has also come up with several other creative ways to use his jars which I love to see. Several times I've found him lining them up, I believe in the same manner as he lines his Pink Tower blocks.

He has also found that putting the smaller lids into the biggest jar and rolling it across the floor is interesting, as the lids make a neat clattering noise as it rolls.

The other day he decided to put them into his drum (the lid can be removed) and found that they fit quite nicely and was pretty happy with himself!

I adore that something so simple and no-cost has become one of his new favorite activities, and of course it practices recycling as well!

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  1. What a fun idea! I might have to see about saving some jars!