Monday, August 15, 2011

This is just to say...

...that Ty and I have  not disappeared from the planet. I was finally ready to create a big blog about our recent activities, until a big storm with straight-line winds hit us suddenly Saturday afternoon and knocked out power. Our neighborhood looks like a bit of a war-zone and we are still without electricity. I am currently at the library charging our phones as they've been dead for a while and we don't have a home phone.

It has been an interesting time. Without an oven and Ty being sick of hummus and cheese sandwiches, we were forced to buy him Arby's chicken tenders for dinner last night, his first fast food. I hated the idea, but he survived! Walking around with flashlights has been an adventure and rather fun. Time away from the internet has been really nice and I now plan to pick one day a week or more to forget that the computer exists. I have gotten so much done around the house. Things like organizing my piles and shelves of toys and Montessori-inspired materials that have been calling to me for months. Though it has hindered me from receiving new ideas and information, I felt free to create some of the projects that I "never have time for". Without any "screen" or chore distractions, my husband and I were forced to sit down last night and really talk and act silly by doing things like making flashlight shadows on the ceiling. It was the best real bonding time we've had in months. While I'm not happy about our fridge and freezer full of rotten food and my vain self would do anything to be able to dry and style my naturally flat, fly-away hair before going out in public, some important life lessons have been learned this past couple days. I'm almost glad for the lack of technology.

But now, enough. Turn on the power back on. Please. Camping in our own house is getting old.


  1. we lost ours saturday afternoon too, and didn't get it back until tuesday! quite challenging with a 2 year old. hope you survived...

  2. We got power back Tuesday afternoon and were lucky to have it...some in our neighborhood were without for several days longer! The only real issue was finding something Ty would eat without an oven and blender as he has some texture aversions. Sorry that you had to go through this too Rachel!

    I've been so busy with Ty's birthday and today his birthday party. I really hope that I can get a blog out tomorrow before my husband leaves again for a bit!