Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Two Ways to Paint with Colored Ice Cubes

I have had colored ice cubes sitting in my freezer for about two weeks now, dying to be used, but lots of rain and chilly temps kept my activity ideas on hold...until yesterday!

To make the ice cubes, I simply filled an ice tray with water and added several drops of food coloring to each ice cube. When they started to freeze, I stuck popsicle sticks into a few of the colors and left the others whole, as I had two ideas in mind. Easy!

Warm weather + an eager little boy= time to paint!

We started with the loose ice cubes for ramp painting. I taped paper to cardboard and propped it up on a container. Ty could then put the ice cubes at the top of the paper and watch them slide down, making fun stripes and dots of coloras they went! As he put each cube back in the bowl he named the colors as well, totally unprompted. This made me smile! It's great to see my little guy more verbal lately.

After a while, Ty decided to save time and dump all of the ice cubes out at once! He dumped every last drop of colored water out of the bowl and onto the paper as well. This was definitely a big hit! 

For the second project, we used the ice cubes on popsicle sticks to paint with. This is a project I've seen all over the web this summer. He liked this as well, and experimented with painting his hands (of course) and the driveway too. The results of both were quite pretty. I just adore watercolors on white paper!

I reserved some ice cubes and saved what was left from our projects so that Ty can play with them in his next bath. Should be fun!

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