Saturday, October 29, 2011

Making Real-Life Connections: Fun on The Farm!

We recently took a little drive into the country to visit a farm that we went to last fall. This year we found out that they were having a Pumpkin Festival with lots of free activities, so off we went! Ty had a really good time and experienced several new things!

The first thing Ty noticed were the gourds. He really enjoyed gourds that we picked and put in his Autumn Display last year. He was quite smitten with the gourds two in his hand here, not letting them go for anything. I was glad to not have to think too hard about which to get him. It's great that he can choose so easily now!

In the little store, a sweet dog was taking a nap. Ty was so excited to see the doggie night-night and got down low to get a better look. He has shown to be such a huge animal lover!

Well, an animal lover as long as the in-person animals aren't too large. He was a bit unsure about this horse, and when the horse leaned in to smell him rather hard, Ty had, had enough. I on the other hand really enjoyed petting him or her. Up until then I had been quite scared of horses (I had a scary incident as a teenager), but this big, sweet love cured me fast!

Just some adorable shots of Ty looking out over the farm yard. It was lovely to be in the country with wide open spaces. This is certainly where I feel most comfortable and at ease.

 This litle circle of bricks made for a lovely way for Tyler to practice his balance, as well as to keep him occupied while we waited for the hay ride.

Tyler enjoying his first hay ride through the fields!

Pretending to take a spin on this ancient tractor. His late Great Grandpa would have really enjoyed this shot!

There was a turkey and a rooster that Tyler enjoyed immediately. I love for him to see all of the animals that he adores in his books in real life to see how they really sound, look, walk, and how big or small they truly are. You can't beat it!

One of Ty's favorite animals lately are bunnies. While he sees them in his books and through cages in the pet store, he's never been able to touch one. This may have been his favorite part of the whole trip!

Finally, before heading home, Tyler picked him pumpkin! It was just the right size for him. Until we carve it this weekend, it sits in his Autumn/Halloween display with his gourds, always ready for him to touch, lift and carry around the house.

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  1. Great post, Jen! Glad to see you guys & Tyler are staying busy! Tyler's getting BIG.