Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Who needs a parachute?

Many schools and day cares have a parachute for group play, and for good reason. There are so many social and learning games you can play with them! For home use they're a bit pricey, and unless you have a really large family, they're too big to use anyhow. No worries though, a sheet or light-weight blanket is all you need!
The first day we played "popcorn" simply using balloons and shaking the sheet to either make them stay on or fall off. Ty went nuts with this. He played for almost half an hour going full speed until his arms were so tired he could barely lift them!

The next day we added about one hundred puff balls to the mix! Ty also decided to add some stuffed animals at the end. Anything soft/safe and not too heavy works great! Ty was wonderful about helping pick up the puff balls. He wanted to do it over and over again so badly that we didn't even need to ask for his help!

Today, after using puff balls, we tried teddy bears. It was so fun to watch the teddies bounce and fly! Ty was so interested in watching them that sometimes he forgot to shake!

This has easily become Ty's favorite activity this week. He regularly drags our sheet off of the bed and into the living room, and is shown here with a container of puff balls as well! Ready to go Mama! Let's play!

Other games to play with the sheet that we're trying soon:

Play "Ring Around The Rosey", holding onto the sheet.

Sit with the sheet on your laps and lift the sheet up with your legs.

Lift the sheet high and have one person run under and through the other side, or let them get in the middle and drop the sheet onto them.

Practice following directions such as "lift it up to the sky!" and "bring it low to touch your toes".

So much fun and incredibly easy to do! When it's just me and Ty at home, we use a small blanket to make it more manageable and it's just as enjoyable!


  1. This is such a great idea! My kids love the parachute at playgroups! I'll have to try this!!