Sunday, November 13, 2011

Halloween Festivities

As everyone starts posting Thanksgiving activities, here I am talking about Halloween. Better late than never? Life was a bit too much during Halloween to post but I still want to document all of the fun we had! There was plenty of natural learning going on!

Practicing patience as he waits for his turn to get candy at a trick or treat event hosted by businesses in one of our city neighborhoods. 

 Learning that Tootsie Rolls are tasty but stick to your teeth!

Can you see the line in the background? This was an hour long line to get into the woods for the main trick or treating stations. He learned a whole lot about patience here, though there certainly were cute little moments of running around in the field with one of us!

There was also some attempts at tree climbing, but since Ty isn't a squirrel or a bear, theses trees were a bit tricky!

Ty learned that his blue eyes can win him a balloon. Over a thousand kids ahead of him and none of them got balloons, but he won over one woman when he looked up at her and then got excited by the balloons on her table because he had "the most beautiful eyes she had ever seen". Not sure if this was a "good" lesson learned, but it happened and he was very happy!  

Back home, Ty discovers that pumpkin guts feel really gross.

He found that scooping was a much more comfortable tactic!

After talking about pumpkins and jack o'lanterns a lot in his Halloween books, Tyler was quite pleased to see his pumpkin carved!

He immediately brought it to his Autumn Display in our bay window with his painted pumpkin, gourds and Halloween books.

He then started finding all of the jack o'lantern pictures he could find in his books to compare it to.

 That night, Ty watched us light a candle and drop in into his jack o'lantern with tongs. He was intrigued.

This was quite an exciting moment for him to live out what he's seen in his books!

After a long time observing and enjoying his jack o'lantern, it was to come inside and get ready for bed. Tyler insisted that his pumpkin come inside, so we allowed it, of course putting it back on the porch the moment he went to sleep! Every time we went outside he took a moment to look at it and to take the top on and off.

After a couple trick or treat events around town, this was the real thing on Halloween night! He had to keep stopping to check out his candy stash. All he wanted to do was sit down and start eating after each house!

Trick or Treat! We also talked about how we only go to the houses with their porch lights on, though several were on with no one home. Kinda ruined the whole concept for him...and caused some tears too when he didn't get candy as expected!

Some neighbors we knew enjoyed and encouraged him to stand on their porch and taste test...and wouldn't stop giving him handfulls of candy! Until all of this Halloween stuff the last couple weeks, Ty hadn''t ingested many sweets in his life. I understood their joy in watching him, as his face was always one of intense pleasure and focus! At each house we worked on saying "Thank You", which Ty often did in sign language since "thank" is a tricky word for him. 

That's one happy boy! I dare say this is one of his favorite holidays by far!

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