Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yellow + Blue =

While fun enough on its own, the dropper work Ty started a few weeks ago was all leading to this great moment: Color Mixing!

 Using small glasses (actually the "First Glass" set from Montessori Services) placed into a tea light holder for stability, I put water colored with food coloring in one glass and blue in another, leaving just a bit of clear water in the middle glass. I talked to Tyler about how colors can mix together to make other colors (something he isn't a stranger to with all of the color mixing he does on his hands when he paints) and told him that he could mix the colors yellow and blue together in the middle glass to see what happened. Ty loves colors and he adores anything to do with water so this work had him quite intrigued!

A little yellow...

A little blue...


Ty continued to add many droppers full of colors to make a lovely green, and then, when he was finished, dumped the cups all over the tray to let me know. Toddlers! You have to love the dramatic flair. He began wiping the tray with his sponge...

...but it was a heck of a lot of water to clean-up with one sponge. He decided to squeeze some of it back into the cups at least. Trying!

I can't wait to show him how to make orange and purple next! It may just be memorization and not truly understanding, but if you ask him what yellow and blue make together, he excitedly tells you "green!"

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