Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog Stats 2011: Who, Where and What!

I thought it may be interesting, at least to me, to take a look at my blog stats for 2011! Well, really they're my blog stats since starting my blog at the end of November 2010, but there wasn't really anyone aware of my little blog until later, so while the stats are skewed with that last month included, it's very slightly. I think this will be neat for me to look back on next year to see how much this site has (hopefully!) grown and changed. Here goes!

Peaceful Parenting is read in so many countries around the world, often in places that surprise and delight me, but these are the top ten, in order. I truly love how Montessori connects us all!

United States
United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Thank you so much to everyone who has pinned my ideas, shared my blog on BabyCenter, Facebook, in forums and your own blogs, as well as those hosting link-ups! The top sources of traffic from specific websites are as follows, in order:

The most popular blog posts on Peaceful Parenting this year, in order of popularity, were:

Our Montessori Home   with 2,196 views!

Work is calming   with 779 views
Classic Game Week!   with 771 views

Common Montessori Myths   with 425 views 

Other Stats:

The total number of hits Peaceful Parenting had in 2011 (this is amazing to me...):  39, 217

Total number of followers with Google Friend Connect: 142

Total number of "likes" on Peaceful Parenting's Facebook page: 292

I have been pretty terrible about advertising the Twitter account I started in late October, so I currently  have only 30 followers.

Thank you all so much for reading as well as for keeping me motivated to write and prepare more fun and educational activities for Tyler! Happy New Year and all the best in 2012!

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