Friday, December 9, 2011

Foil Painting

Painting on foil is an easy but special way to create for children. The glow and shine of the foil is so lovely, and the smoothness of paintbrushes and little fingers over it is just delightful! It's a rich sensory and artistic activity that creates some pretty neat results, especially when wrapped over cardboard and hung for all to see.

 I gave Tyler different sized brushes as well as Q-tips to use. He generally uses painting tools for a while, then goes to using his hands.

Hand prints have been a Tyler favorite lately
Big circles have been showing up a lot as well

Easy to "erase" your pictures on foil! 

More hand prints, though these were with great force, more like splatter hands

When he was finished, I asked if he wanted to add glitter. Of course he did!

He asked to do more after this so I gave him another piece of foil. He was especially impressed with his curly shape here.


For fun I just had to show you his beautiful bath water from the soak he had after painting!

The finished product would have been more finished if I had backed it with the cardboard before he painted, but I forgot. I also forgot that adding a teaspoon of dish soap to the tempra will help it adhere to the foil better. Oops. It still makes a lovely addition to the art work in our home for now! We'll see how much it peels... I'm sure Ty would love to repeat the activity really soon!

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