Friday, January 27, 2012

Hanging Yarn Art

This project was an old one that I did as a Preschool teacher years ago. While Tyler woke much too early the moring we did this and had a rather scattered focus, it was still enjoyable to create this unique art! We will certainly repeat this one when he's older!

Items needed:
Wax Paper
Plate or disposable tray

I first cut several lengths of string using the two different colors we happen to have. We then squeezed glue onto a plate and lay our wax paper on the table.

To create the art, Tyler dipped and pressed one piece of yarn into the glue at a time.

He lay each piece over the others on the wax paper. An older child may wish to make designs.

Sometimes we pushed the yarn down to be sure that the glue making the each piece stick to the others.

We then let it dry for several hours. Neat!

It now hangs proudly as an overhead table centerpiece!

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