Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sticker "Resist" Painting

As I've watched Tyler attempt to draw on the clear tape I often use to stick his paper to the table with, and seeing him be so curious about why he can't mark on it recently, I realized it was time to pull some resist work out of my arsenal of art projects. We've started with sticker resist!

You can use any kind of sticker, preferably those with a good outline. Tyler has been interested in the night sky for a while now, so we used stars (and a moon I had to create myself) to create a night scene. We used card stock and he stuck them to the paper as he pleased. I told him we would be painting over them but then peeling them off again.

He got right to work covering the stickers with a brush.

Once they were covered, he used his hands to work on covering all of the yellow paper.

I could stop here and jump to the end, where we peel the stickers off, but I really enjoy Ty's art process.
One of his recent creative flairs has been scraping paint off with his nails.

I provided him with a roller and other items so that some of the paint would come off and I could find the stickers easier later. I was pretty certain he would go crazy with the amount of paint layers, and he did!

There are the stickers! Though his art isn't about me, I enjoyed the effect the roller had here.

I'm not sure what this paint tool is called, but it's from a home painting kit that we never used.

 He also found a new way to scrape at the paint...with the end of a paint brush!

Ty then washed his hands and we worked at taking the stickers off. I couldn't remember if we were supposed to let the paint dry or not (I often just jot simple notes down as I go through activity books etc), but I felt like we needed to rescue the stickers quickly. It was quite tricky to get tiny stickers with difficult edges off the the paper, and sometimes the paper ripped. Next time we will certainly use something easier...and maybe different paper too.

This was our result! While it isn't "perfect" Tyler seemed pleased and interested in the results. I kinda enjoy its abstract side.

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  1. Hi Jen,
    Love this idea, so simple, but effective and shows immediate and impressive results for the Little ones. We tried it out yesterday with success, http://being-a-mama.blogspot.com/2012/02/peaceful-parenting-sticker-resist.html
    Love the blog.

  2. I checked out your post and you had great success with this! Beautiful! Thank you for linking back to my blog. I always try to credit ideas I "stole" from others and appreciate it when others do the same. :)