Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Our Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Since Montessori philosophy includes celebrating cultural holidays, I thought I'd share our day with you.

Tyler was surprised at breakfast with heart-shaped cinnamon sugar toast, a lion stuffed animal (we actually gave it to him last year, but he didn't like it so we put it away for this year...), and a homemade card with a personalized poem that he really enjoyed!
While my husband gave Ty a bath, I hid hearts all over the house for him to find.

I gave him a little basket to carry around and put his hearts in. He especially enjoyed counting as he went along. Though he didn't find them all at first, he discovered them randomly throughout the day and straight up to bed time, which was fun!

Ty also made a sparkly hearts collage with a friend this morning. She had this cool bottle of Elmer's glue that looked like glue stick, but you squeeze it. Awesome for little hands!

During nap, I hid foam hearts in his sensory bin (filled with colored rice) for him to find. He did this over and over! I think the best part for him was dumping the hearts back in and going crazy with the rice to cover them back up.  :)

I meant to gather all of his books with the child/parent love topic ("Guess How Much I Love You" etc) so we could read them together, but the moment never presented itself. 

How did you spend the day with your little ones? 

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