Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Painting with Stencils

Tyler really enjoys drawing with his circle and square stencils for beginning tracing/writing work, so I figured he may get a kick out of painting with them as well!

I taped the stencil around the paper on all four sides, taped the stencil to the table a bit and let him go at it with different sized brushes and sponges.

Ty painted inside the shapes, dragged the brush around the edges, used his whole hand to fill the bigger shapes, and traced his fingers around the smaller ones. The paint seeped under the stencils, but it wasn't about a perfect looking piece of art.

He also brought back a little trick he did back in December...belly prints. He would lay over the paper then carefully peel himself (well, his shirt) off, laughing the whole time.

Ty enjoyed this simple painting project quite a bit. I'm sure we'll be doing it again soon!
[Blue paint tastes the best by the way...]

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