Monday, March 19, 2012

See You Soon!

Peaceful Parenting is going to be offline for a while. After months of waiting, our family is excited to be moving at some point this month! With all of the packing and planning there simply won't be time for a ton of new activities or blogging. As soon as we're settled and have the resources for internet connection, we will hastily return!

For those who follow along on Facebook, I will give occasional updates from my phone, though my data plan is limited. Perhaps I'll get a bit more into Tweeting too as it's so easy! I will happily moderate comments and answer email, though not likely at terrible length.

I just noticed that I made my 200th post today! If you're newer to Peaceful Parenting, there are tons of ideas for fun and learning in the archives! My Pinterest Boards are also loaded with fabulous activity ideas from others, parenting articles and a board filled with many of my favorite blogs. Plenty to keep busy with if you're missing us! I'll certainly miss sharing and chatting with all of you!

Wish us luck on our new adventures...and a long ride in the Uhaul!


  1. Praying for an uneventful, yet successful move! Enjoy the changes, look forward to your posts in the future!