Monday, May 4, 2015

Where have we been?! Where can you find us now?

Hello! So yes, it's been awhile, right?! I'm happy to report that Ty and myself are alive and doing very well. I'm currently a counselor to at-risk youth and their families 45+ hours a week, which has become one of my new passions. Balancing that with being a single mother to a very sweet, energetic child the last 2.5 years hasn't left me with much free time for the blogging world!

Another reason why I'm so busy is that we started homeschooling/unschooling this year! Tyler is in "Kindergarten" though his brain and development have been all over the place, so learning at home has been an easy solution to ensure that he's getting both the challenges that he needs and some special attention where he deserves it as well. It wasn't an easy decision to make, and truly a scary one at first, though I find it's working well for both of us. Teaching Ty is what I've been doing all along, so why not continue?!

While I'm not blogging, I've found it fast and simple to utilize Instagram to share our schooling journey, including some activities. You can find us at . If you wanted to peek at what we were doing before September, you can view our older Instagram as well by searching user name: Rougeurbleu.

Ty has been especially focused on the areas of Math, Science, and Geography this year. We've also been working on feeling identification and coping skills, as well as a good amount of physical activity (especially gymnastics), as I truly believe in developing the whole child, not just academics!

As always, you can also find activities (counseling activities included now as well) via my Pinterest boards: It's amazing to see how many hits this blog continues to get, and so many of them are thanks to pinners on Pinterest!

I can't rule-out an occasional post about a topic or two here on this blog, so if you're following, you could certainly stay put. For now, I wish you all happiness and love, and perhaps I'll see you over on Instagram! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your pinterest and instagram pages really enjoyed looking through them! Nicole

  2. Enjoy reading this post.. You have a good day to your son:-)

  3. thanks for sharing, nice post