Saturday, December 18, 2010

Super Sensory Bin!

I made a new bin for Tyler yesterday, and my favorite part about this bin is the smell! Many of the cotton balls were dipped in a bit of peppermint extract and allowed to dry. It made the whole house smell very seasonal for a good while, and his bin has an extra sensory element! I also drizzled glue over several of the cotton balls and sprinkled glitter over them.


Measuring cups of course, for a math element, and for Tyer especially, the science of filling and pouring and dumping, which he's more interested in now. These fell much differently than the rotini of our last bin!

The dumping portion is still fun without all of the noise!

To further expand upon the wrapping paper tube/jingle bell experiment of our last blog, I wrapped a bit of tube in Christmas paper to use in the same manner with his cotton balls.

Since Tyler loves to throw objects (any object!), we made picking-up more fun by tossing them into the bin! Overall, a big hit with Tyler so far, and though it was okay with my husband and I, we do appreciate not having rotini crunch under our feet whenever we step into the kitchen!

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