Friday, January 14, 2011

Art displays

Maria Montessori believed that hanging real, replicated artwork, (think the great masterpieces and artists), in our homes, at the child's eye-level was important. This is something I'm still working on, as I search for just the right works to display for Tyler. It's just as important for the Montessori home to display works created by the child. This makes the child feel that their creative pursuits are important and valued by the family. Pointing out the artwork and having it on display for guests in the home also builds the child's self-worth in the world. Framing the work or allowing the child to paint surfaces such as canvas, take this support an extra step.

This is what we've done in our home so far! Other than a calendar and a cork board, our entire kitchen is decorated with Tyler's work. I love it and I can say that Tyler truly enjoys us admiring his work and looking at his creations as he plays here and works or snacks at his table.

How do you display your child's art work? I'd love to share ideas!

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