Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Fun With Lacing Beads

I thought I would update the last few weeks following a timeline of activity occurrence, but Tyler really enjoyed the activity I made for him today, so I just had to share!

This is a simple toy for lacing beads onto that I've had on my mind for weeks now, similar to the bead tree I made previously. Just a block of wood, dowels, wood glue and my Dremel Trio were all I needed. I'm finding that these Melissa and Doug jumbo lacing beads are quite versatile!

Instant attraction

My little stacker realized that he could keep the stack going above the dowels, and challenged himself with this task often.

This instantly found a nice cozy home on his shelves. It feels so great to handcraft toys for my little guy! 


  1. So great! I'm new to following your blog but you are so creative and inspiring! Thanks for all the wonderful ideas.

  2. Thank you so much, and thanks for taking the time to say so! :)