Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Display

Weeks before it started to show signs of spring outdoors, I planned our spring display and purchased everything we needed at my newest favorite store, Hobby Lobby. I was desperate to take down our dismal winter display and was growing quite impatient! A few weeks ago, Tyler and I finally noticed buds appearing, the temps were climbing and I couldn't get it this up fast enough! The display has brought a lot of cheer to the focal point of our living room and Tyler has enjoyed every bit of it.

Once I saw unfinished wooden flowers in the store, I knew that I wanted to paint them and for Tyler to practice putting them into small vases, but I struggled with figuring out how I would keep them from constantly falling over and frustrating him. This basket was perfect! There's a place for each vase and a large, long area to store the flowers. He enjoys this activity quite a bit and I've noticed him playing switch-a-roo with vase placements lately as well.

I wasn't sure how well the Montessori Flower Arranging activity would go over with Tyler, but it has been a huge hit! He truly enjoys taking the flowers out, examining them, and returning them to the vase. I bought several different types and colors of fake flowers so we could work on naming and color recognition. A few colorful butterflies grace the bottom of the tray as well. I imagined creating a long tray for line work with these, but that hasn't yet happened!

Tyler's favorite part of the display for certain is his basket of spring-related books. Many of them are from the library and happened to be lift-the-flap books which I've found that he, as a peek-a-boo lover, just adores! He spends quite a bit of time looking at these with me as well as independently.

Bird watching has been a peaceful, soothing activity for all of us lately. Our wonderful next-door neighbor has several bird feeders hanging off of a wire strung between trees in his backyard, and they are perfectly visible to us through the dining room window as we eat our meals. Ty also enjoys getting onto his step stool and watching them throughout the day. The feeders are quite popular with our neighborhood bird population and we are able to watch and name a wide variety of birds for Tyler. These little birds and nests were an unexpected find that he likes to look at and take in and of their nests. I expected the birds to be in pieces by now, but he's been surprisingly gentle with them!

I also hung a few pieces of spring and floral inspired art from the calendar used for our Art Display in the area. I have another activity idea that is more geared towards Easter, but it made the space too cluttered, so I'll soon place it on the work shelves instead.
How have you brought the excitement of spring in your home? Feel free to share a blog link if you'd like!

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