Sunday, May 22, 2011

One-of-a-kind gifts

Over a month ago, my mother told me what she wanted for her birthday (which is today!): A Tyler original masterpiece. Funny, I already knew that a Tyler canvas painting was what we would be giving her! Moms and daughters think alike, huh? It is really rare for my Mom to ask for anything at all for her birthday, so I knew she must really, really want this!

The materials for this gift were quite inexpensive. We have painted on canvas before and I hoped that Big Lots would still have their amazingly priced canvas, which they did. I already had all colors of paint, which I mixed to match the colors in my parent's living room. I'm really liking "Sargent Art" and "Rich Art" tempra      brands lately, both found at Hobby Lobby, which are often on sale. The biggest expense we found was shipping due to the large size.

Creating the work was the easiest and most fun part of course! Tyler just loves to paint with brushes! I sent an album of photos of Tyler creating her work of art as well.

My parent's live on the other side of the country, so when she opened her gift, she sent a photo of her holding the painting for Tyler to see. I think it made a really special connection for him to see Grandma with the painting her made for her.

I think this is such a delightful gift for family, especially grandparents, or those who adore art. Who knows, this heart-felt but inexpensive gift may be worth millions someday! To her, it's certainly priceless already. Happy Birthday Mom!

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