Monday, May 23, 2011

Practical Life: Using a Funnel

Teaching Ty to use a funnel at this age was simple, as it goes along with everything toddlers are into: scooping, dumping and containers! It is a useful practical life activity for teaching about using kitchen tools as well as a lot of fun. We used both water and colored rice for this activity. Somehow we don't have a kitchen funnel and I had a hard time finding one, so these are automotive funnels found for less than two dollars at a super store.

 Scooping rice from the bowl and dumping it into the funnel. We used a large water container, though something like a milk jug would work great too.

He later decided to use both funnels at once and to stand. What I don't have a good photo of is Ty deciding to dump the rice back into the bowl and starting again, but that was a great skill to practice as well!

Water was a bit more challenging, but he did well and had even more fun with it! He really liked using both funnels at once. Don't mind his eyes here...poor little guy's cold turned into pink eye this weekend.


  1. I just got over pink eye! Great funnel activities :)

  2. I just found a great 3 piece funnel set at Dollar Tree!

  3. The Education Of Ours: Thanks, and glad to hear you're over it...not fun! Now he has a double ear infection. Yikes!

    Gotta love a great deal Mama E!