Thursday, September 8, 2011

Art: Creating Wooden Magnets

I'm always looking for fresh ways for my little artist to paint and create, and walking around Hobby Lobby can be so inspiring! I bought these wooden shapes there for only $.25 a piece, and there were several more shapes to choose from. I thought Ty may enjoy painting these, then later realized that it may be fun to attach some magnets to the back as well and let him hang his own art work with them. He has enjoyed taking things off of the fridge lately, so I recently took a moment to show him how to hang things back up with a magnet. Now that he has magnets that he made by himself it may be even more fun!

I was impressed with how focused and deliberate he was at first with the brush, even though they are kind of big brushes for this project. Later he of course painted and color-mixed on his hands, then used them as a way to paint, slapping his hands onto the wood. Creative!

The end result. Since I bought him the lap desk, Ty has been especially into drawing, so having an extra and special way to display his work is just in time!

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  1. I like this idea. It would be a good little gift to give to grandparents too. Thanks :)