Sunday, September 11, 2011

Big trucks and fire fighters...little kid dreams coming true!

Recently, we took Tyler to a nearby event where children could touch, explore and even get into many different kinds of vehicles. It was a blast! How many times does a kid get to sit in and pretend to drive the vehicles they see around town ?! There was police car, school bus, tour bus, UPS truck, excavator, fire trucks, cement truck, ambulance, street sweeper, and the town water truck! Kids were beeping horns, getting on the microphones, pulling air horns, and also got a chance to talk with some of the people who use the trucks. Just amazing!

Tyler taking the UPS truck out to make some deliveries 

Well, that's a mighty big tire!

Don't worry citizens, Officer Tyler is on the way!

Ty has read a lot about fire trucks, so this was easily his favorite!

Wow...are you a real live fire fighter?!

So delighted!

High five for the friendly fire fighter! Thanks for all of the important work you do!

What I liked best, other than seeing Ty's amazed and delighted face with every single vehicle he sat in, was being able to make connections with him between his books and the real thing. He is all about making connections and I am all about showing them...even if one of the fire fighters said that their aren't really a whole lot of "fire cats" out there like his favorite character, Pickles, in Esther Averill's wonderful book.  :) 


  1. What a cute face!! I can't wait to share memories with my little guy like this. :)

  2. I bought my son his first toy truck, and he's been asking to ride a real one ever since. Going to a fire station to personally see the fire trucks is a good idea. Hmmm, I'm thinking of bringing him to a car show. I think he would have a lot of fun there.

  3. Children, boys in particular, are fascinated with huge trucks, so it’s no wonder they get excited once you bring them to an event like this. Well, lucky me because when I was a kid, I don’t need to go to an event to witness awesome trucks. There was a fire station near our area, so I’ve been exposed to these monsters at a young age. Haha! Likewise, a street sweeper truck has always passed by our house. Seeing it always made my day! :D