Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Pink Tower Video: Start to Finish

Though Tyler (now 27 mos old) did the Pink Tower a couple times correctly when I purchased it in the Spring, I felt that he didn't truly grasp the meaning of putting them in order by size. I then decided to have him use only every other block for greater changes of success and understanding of the sensorial concept. There was also a time that I took them out of rotation due to a lack of interest. Last week I brought all ten together again and he was very ready for them, nearly correct on the first try!

 This video captures Tyler carrying the basket from the shelf, starting and completing the work, then returning it to the basket. He did the work several times and I didn't want to make the video too long, so returning it to the shelf isn't shown here. I can't get enough of the proud look on his face and the way he sits and examines the tower up and down to be sure it's correct! He typically says "small" "medium" and "big" though he skipped medium here. I'm not too concerned. :) You did it Ty!

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