Tuesday, February 28, 2012

First Time with Cards and Counters

Though we haven't worked with the Red Rods or the Spindle Box, I feel like Tyler has a really good sense of numbers and quantity and decided to start him on the Cards and Counters work to see how he would do.  

We worked with five numbers at a time, 1-5 and 6-10. Digging into our "Montessori Stuff" box for possible counters, he became excited about a bag of rocks, so we used those. I put the exact amount of rocks needed into a small basket and we lined-up the cards. Though I went through a demonstration on where to place the rocks and in what fashion, I pretty much knew he would want the rocks on the cards. No biggie. I will keep demonstrating.

 [If you're not familiar, this is how the counters are to be placed]

Ty's work was to use one-to-one correspondence to count the correct number of items for each quantity represented by the numerals. He made a few errors but mostly did really well with the work. He made mistakes that really surprised me at times, like skipping the number six, and he over-counted when he got to nine and ten at times (which wasn't as surprising).

This work really excited him! He wanted to repeat it over and over again.

The cards that we used are also the cards that I made for our What's Missing game, which range from 1-20. Tyler picked-up on this and wanted to do higher numbers. Here he chose 11 and 13. He also decided upon 19, which he truly shocked me with. No over-counting or errors and he wanted to do it again and again. I literally had to stop observing and leave him with his work so I could start dinner or it would have been a very long night!  

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