Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Negative Space: Dry Erase Board Painting and Prints

If you follow along, you have probably seen how Tyler enjoys scraping his nails over his paintings near the end to see the paper or dried colors underneath. A while ago I set him up for a simple easel paint session and let him go. The first thing he did was to excitedly combine his yellow and blue to make green.

 The side of the easel that has the paper holding clips for paper is also a dry erase and magnetic board. After doing a couple paintings, Tyler decided to flip his paper up and paint on the dry erase board. He looked back at me a few times to be sure it was okay, and knowing the paint would come right off, I told him to go for it.

After covering the board, he used his fingers to scrape the paint, then a paintbrush, sponge and one of the cups holding his paint. It had a dramatic negative space effect. It was also nice because after scraping and dragging his fingers down the paper, it sometimes rips...not so of course on the board.

When he was finished and off washing his hands with Daddy, I grabbed a piece of paper and pressed it to the board to print what he had done. It was pretty cool, and Ty thought so too.

This was our first result (minus some paint that it came across the next day) We planned to go ahead and paint on the dry erase board again very soon.

So of course we did so the next morning!

He decided when he wanted to make the prints. This was one of them.

Neat! I secretly adore how it looks like a lowercase "b".

He used different sized paint brushes, q-tips and of course his fingers to create the negative space.

Something about the prints that just struck me...

This is just one more reason why I tend to let him go and do as he pleases with art. There is no specific product or way to do it. As long as he isn't running around painting the walls or the furniture, his explorations often lead to cool discoveries! I have to trust that he knows what he's doing. 

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