Saturday, February 4, 2012

Salty Painting

To mix-up one of Tyler's recent painting sessions, we added a good amount of salt to him tempra paint. This is said to make the art work sparkle when it's dry.

Ty noticed a difference in the texture as soon as he put his hands in it. The rough, grainy feel on his hands was an unexpected sensory experience! I was a bit doubtful that by the time Tyler was done going over and over the paint with brushes and his hands that it would look as it was supposed to, but at least he would get a little sensory experience extra out of it! Ty also discovered that the paint colors he chose (purple, pink, black, gray) made a pretty gray color when mixed together.

In the end, the paint looked a bit sparkly when directly in the sun, but otherwise it was rather dull. Ty wanted it hung right next to his table. He likes to remember what colors he mixed to make gray and really enjoys running his hand over the rough surface!

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  1. Hi Jen, I've started painting with my 20m with food coloring. I want to know what are your preparations to minimize the mess ?

    My son enjoys finger painting, and to squeeze the food coloring bottle to drop the paint. But he is not that strong yet. My food coloring bottle is so small. Do you have any advice for that ? I want him to exercize squeezing and painting.

    And he still loves to do body paint on his own.. sometimes he tasted the food coloring.. then, I bathe him...

    Need your advice Jen, thanks.

  2. I have done salt on watercolors before; sprinkle the salt on after painting. It helps soak up excess water and it does make it a bit sparkly. Have never tried mixing it in the paint, will have to try that just for the texture experience.

  3. I will have to try that Sarah, thank you!

  4. Susan, didn't mean to ignore you! Not sure how that happened!

    If you really want him to excersize squeezing you may want to do a little experimenting and shopping around. I'm thinking of those small travel squeeze bottles you find at the store or even a very easy squirt bottle or small glue bottle with thin plastic that you can refill?

    Using some non-toxic paint in the different containers could minimize the clean-up. I know I got green food coloring all over me the other day and walked around with a green hand for a full day! Also covering the table with an old sheet or drop cloth as well as the floor tends to help as you can just pop it in the washer when needed.

    I hope this helps you!